Home-Stay Weekend in Ogawa
Rice-Harvesting in the Fall 2004
The following pictures were taken during the rice-harvesting on October 16, 2004.

The Opening Ceremony begins! Junior high school students who participated in the Ogawa Overseas Study Travel Tour to Canada in August 2004, also participated in the rice-harvesting home-stay party. Some were host families for ALTs and CIRs participants.

Are they speaking English? (This is Hoshi san`s joke, not Marianne`s)

Harvested rice is gathered in bunches, tied in a bouquet and hung upside-down on bamboo supports. (This is Marianne`s comment.)

Almost one half of the field has been harvested!

The harvesting is finished and so it is time for a group picture.

Cooked rice is pounded into a dense kind of rice paste called mochitsuki. During the rice-harvesting home-stay party, mochitsuki is made with the help of ALTs and CIRs.

Yassan Fukushima hosts the rice-planting and harvesting parties on his farm with his wife Satoko, his parents and other family members in a very warm, friendly, generous and open spirit. He also grows North American pumpkins (former ALT and CIR participants send him the pumpkin seeds) for the rice-harvesting home-stay parties. ALTs and CIRs carve pumpkins with elementary and junior high school students. As we found out though, the Australians and Brits were a little at a loss as to how to carve them! (It is more a North-American tradition.)

What a beautiful table with such a wonderful variety of foods prepared by many volunteers from Ogawamachi.

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